Chromebook Circulation Procedures for Librarians

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This is a detailed guide for librarians when checking chromebooks in and out, along with procedures for any complications with the process. For the Raymore-Peculiar School District chromebook policy, click this link:

When Checking in a Chromebook for Repair

Fill out the "Chromebook Repair Form" and tape it to the chromebook.

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Check out the chromebook to your building technician.

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Check out a loaner to the student.

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(optional) E-mail help desk/technician.

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Give chromebook to building technician.

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When Receiving a Chromebook from Repair

Use the sticker with the student's name attached to the chromebook to check it out to the student. Check in the loaner.

If a Student's Chromebook OR Loaner is Lost or Stolen

Check out a loaner to the student. Inform the Help Desk of the lost chromebook/loaner and the student's name. Do NOT check in/out a lost chromebook in Destiny, the Help Desk will take care of that. And they will contact the building’s financial secretary about charging the student.

If a Student's Chromebook Charger is Lost or Stolen

Give the student a replacement charger. Inform building financial secretary of loss so they can charge the student's account. Request more chargers from building tech when needed.

If a Student's Chromebook Charger is Damaged

This only applies if at least the brick of the charger is returned. Otherwise, the charger will be considered lost or stolen. Give the charger to the building tech along with a note of the student’s name. The technology department will determine whether to inform the financial secretary depending on the damage.